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Oyster on Halfshell   (0.75)

Combo        $27.95

House Margaritas        $3.95

Tequila Wednesday

Dine in only

Oyster Tuesdays

Fried Fish Fillet                   $2.00            

1Lb Crablegs         $15.95

50%  off Appetizer           

Rita Mondays

Fish Taco            $2.00

1Lb Shrimp            $13.95

"​Los Mejores Cocteles y Ceviche En Dallas"

Ceviche Tostada                $3.50            

Webb Chapel Location

6 Oyster                  $4.50

Taco Tuesdays

House Margaritas         $3.95

(restrictions apply)

Dine in only

Shrimp Tostada                 $4.00            

Northwest Hwy Location

Boiling Wednesday

Silver Tequila Shots            $4.50

Rita Mondays

(selected tequilas only)

12 Oyster                $9.00