This week a fellow City of Ate friend recounted his experience at Cyclone Anaya's spurring some debate as to the authenticity of restaurants south of certain Dallas boundaries and quadrants. I personally contend that wonderful restaurants can be found across all city lines as Dallas is chock-full of wonderful dining experiences for those willing to seek them out.

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Who doesn’t love having a big o’ plate of shellfish in front of them? That’s right, No One. That’s exactly why I set off to find the best boil in Dallas. One of my friends kept telling me about this place off 635 and Webb Chapel called Seafood Shack that had the best seafood boil she had ever tasted. So I took her word for it and we took a trip up North.We started it off proper with some margaritas. Usually I don’t order margaritas, especially the ones with GREEN salt on the rim. But again I was just along for the ride.

"​Los Mejores Cocteles y Ceviche En Dallas"

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